Steel Building Kits

Steel Building Kits at Texwin

Kits Provided by Texwin Carports

Despite what some may think, steel building kits do not limit you to the type of building you can get. Other than having to assemble the structure yourself, we follow the same designing process as we do when we install the buildings ourselves.

Carport Kits – Our carport kits are a popular technique for residential uses as well as for businesses. You can order a standard size and style or custom-design one of your very own. Carport kits are a practical option and can easily be added to any site.

Utility Carport Kits – Everyone could always use extra storage space, and with our utility carport kit, you can have just that! While storing your vehicles away inside, you can protect your outdoor equipment from the weather elements under the open shelter.

Garage Kits – These kits are the ideal solution for covering all vehicle types – boats, cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, and everything in between. If you’re looking for additional parking space, protection, and possible storage, a garage kit is perfect for you.

Workshop Kits – If you’re in need of new workspace and are limited to a budget, you should consider investing in one of our metal workshop kits. Not only do they come with everything you’ll need to assemble your structure, but they can be assembled in no time at all!

Personalize Your New Structure

The goal we have here at Texwin Carports is for our customers to walk outside and absolutely love the structure they have installed on their property. This is why we offer a unique selection of customization options for our customers to choose from. From the color and style of your roof to the size of the structure and anchoring system, you get to personalize every aspect of your structure. A few of our customizations include:

Benefits of Steel Building Kits

You may be asking yourself why anyone would choose to buy a kit for themselves when we include delivery and installation, but these kits have quite a few advantages to them.

Pocket-Friendly – Not only are you saving money on labor costs, but the prices of our metal building kits are just as attractive as the structures. This is an economical alternative to purchasing one of our metal buildings and having one of our crews install it.

Easy Assembly – When it comes to our kits, you aren’t required to have a lot of prior experience or advanced skills to install your own building. With the help of some family and friends, you can have your unit fully-assembled and functional within a short amount of time.

Protection –With galvanized steel framing, these buildings can protect your vehicles, livestock, and other valuables from foul weather and the ever-changing seasons. Not only will they protect your items from the weather, but also from theft and accidental damages.

Versatile – Thanks to precise-designing and engineering, our carports, garages, and other structures can be used for a variety of needs. From homes and barns to riding arenas and storage areas, they can easily be converted or customized to meet current and future needs.